How to get involved as a member of the public

Because your views count, it is important to make sure that you can take part in as many research studies as you want to. Participation in each study is voluntary and you can always say no if you are not interested in a study you are invited to take part in.

To make sure you have the best possible chance of making your views count:

  • Make it clear to the companies that you deal with that you want to take part in research calls even if you do not want any other type of follow up contact. Under privacy legislation, companies must ask you whether you want to receive promotional, sales, research and marketing calls from them or their agents. Don’t say ‘no’ to research calls.
  • Make sure you do not ask research companies to place you on their “Do not call” lists.
  • Unless you have a good reason, make sure you are listed in the telephone directory if you have a fixed line telephone.
  • Sometimes you will be too busy to take part in a research study when you are approached in the street or called at home, but you would still like to have your say. In these cases, ask the researcher to contact you later. Researchers are often able to visit or call you at a more convenient time.

You may find this brochure of interest. (Link)

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