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ARPC logoIn 2009 the market and social research industry in Asia created a new international research organisation called the “APRC” or Asia Pacific Research Committee.

The representatives of the marketing research associations of Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Thailand joined together to form an international organisation, APRC, to represent the market and social research industry in the Asia Pacific region. The chairman of the Japan Marketing Research Association (JMRA) was installed as the first President of the alliance.

The first international conference in the Asia Pacific region was hosted by AMSRS and AMSRO at the Hilton Hotel in Sydney in September 2009.  The process of inviting research associations from other countries in Asia has now started. Our plan is to develop an international organisation which represents the associations of every country listed in the Asia Pacific region.


The aim of this group of regional research association representatives is to further promote the development of Asia–focussed marketing research technologies and insights through creating additional opportunities of cross-border exchanges amongst marketing research associations and communities within the Asia Pacific region.

Main activity of this collaboration is to develop an Asia Pacific research conference that will leverage off the regional conferences held annually by AMSRS, CMRA, JMRA, KORA, TMRS and MRSS. Each representative country will take a turn of hosting this new Asia Pacific research conference.


The representatives from each member association shall be called the “ASIA PACIFIC RESEARCH COMMITTEE”.

The Conference held each year in an Asia Pacific country shall be referred to as the “ASIA PACIFIC RESEARCH CONFERENCE”.

Asia Pacific Research Conference:

The next Asia Pacific Research Conference will be held in Xi’an, China on 16 & 17 October 2011 hosted by the CMRA

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